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Park. Pay. Be On Your Way.

ParkX lets you easily pay for parking from your smartphone. No coins. No lines. No hassle.

Easily sign-up and begin using the ParkX app in just a few minutes

Need more time? No more running back to the meter! You can extend your session right from your phone

Get Reminders

Fast Payments

Not sure when you parked? ParkX lets you know when your parking session is about to expire

Extend Time

Enter Location

No Coins? No Problem!


Create An Account

Using ParkX

Quick and simple. Once you set up your profile, paying for parking will take seconds!

Enter the unique zone and space number and select the amount of time you wish to park for. That's it!

Confirm Purchase

Get reminders when your meter is about to expire -- and add time directly from your phone!

Verify your parking session details before you submit. We'll email you a parking receipt to know you've paid.

Get Started Today!

ParkX makes parking easy. Download the app to use at meters where you see the ParkX signage. Parking with the app is easy:

1. Park with the ParkX app

2. Enter your vehicle and zone information

3. Enter your payment information

4. Park! 

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